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Sell your car with us

Plan 1

Sell your car in our lot

Take advantage of our commercially zoned lot to park and advertise your car in a high exposure area. Also, we'll list your car on our website. Then use our office and lot to close the deal. That way you have a safe and practical space to handle the transaction without disclosing your private address. This plan works on a $100 flat fee.

How does it work?

Chose one of our two low cost plans to sell your car fast and hassle free

Plan 2

Let us do the work for you

We take care of absolutely everything for you. Just come park your car here and give us an estimate of what you're looking to get for your car. We'll then list it on our website and other different online services, deal with buyers, show it, and sell it. This plan does not have a time limit and is based on a small fee and commission.

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